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Pest Control Treatments

We offer you an all round service at one fantastic low price; treating both the inside and outside of your home for spiders, ants, silver fish and cockroaches.

Gone are the days of spraying toxic chemicals around family homes.  We stay on top of the latest products in the marketplace and where possible we only use the best in natural pest control treatments.

Our service area extends from Brisbane to Ipswich and the Gold Coast


Our $179.00 all year round price includes both the inside and the outside of your home.

  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Silver Fish
  • Ants


12 Month Guarantee on Cockroaches


Pest Management

In the majority of cases the most immediate and most effect manner will be to treat your pest problem with a spray treatment.

However Pest Control is also about Pest Management, therefor as part of my treatment process I always look for anything in your environment that may assist you into the future.

If I notice something out of the ordinary that could be helpful in reducing a pest population (that doesn’t require a chemical treatment) then I will let you know.

Of course your are also free to talk to me and ask me questions; after all that’s what I am here.

Pest Control Brisbane GoldCoast


Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

Weekend: 10am to 4pm

Pest Control Brisbane GoldCoast

Why Choose Our Services

Peace of Mind–  All of our cockroach treatments come with a guaranteed 12 month service warranty. Hence if your pests come back, then we also come back and retreat your home.

Experience Matters – We have been servicing and looking after our clients for a very long time.   Experience matters; and as such we aim on providing the best possible pest service in Queensland.

Professionalism  –  We aim on providing the most proficient and professional service in South East Queensland.  We stay on top of industry changes to ensure we provide a service that delivers high quality results.

Environmental – We only use formulations that are safe for both you and the environment.  I personally cannot violate my own personal morals; and because of this I will not use any product that is not environmentally safe.

There are some products that I use from time to time that are very specific, but I only use them as required and never in a way that would harm the environment.  Its not the 70’s any longer, both your children, your grandchildren and my grandchildren deserve to inherit a cleaner environment.

Whilst we are on this topic, I will always only use the same products in your home which I also use in mine. There really isn’t a 100% complete natural program of treatment, so yes in the roof cavity and those types of areas where we never venture during our daily routines I do use a chemical dust which is proven as the most effective way of treating roaches and spiders (especially red backs) that harbor in the roof and come out at night.