Natural Pest Control Treatments

It’s not the 20th Century any longer, and as such there is no good reason to use products that are harmful to you or the environment.

There are many wonderful pest controllers servicing both Brisbane and the Gold Coast who like us have chosen to use only natural products.  We wouldn’t go about using harmful products in our own home, and as such we won’t use them in yours either.  We only use products that are safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment.

$149 Pest Control
Our $149.00 all year round price includes both the inside and the outside of your home -
- Spiders
- Cockroaches
- Silver Fish
- Ants
12 Month Guarantee on Cockroaches.

Pest Control Brisbane GoldCoast

Pest Management

Of course its obvious that if your contacting a pest controller then you have an unwanted pest and naturally your wanting to rid yourself of the pest.  So lets not kid ourselves, In most cases the most immediate and effect manner will be to use a natural spray treatment.

However Pest Control is also about Pest Management and as part of our treatment process we also look for anything in your environment that may assist you into the future.  If something jumps out whilst we are in your home then we will tell you, we will give you advice and how to manage any unwanted pests.  So don’t be afraid to ask me questions, that’s what I am here for.



Pest Control Brisbane GoldCoast

Why Choose Our Services

Peace of Mind–  All of our pest treatments come with a guaranteed 6 to 12 month service warranty. This means if you’re pests come back, then we come back…free of charge.

Experience Matters – We have been servicing and looking after our clients for a very long time. Without skills, knowledge and experience your not coming back.  So experience matters; and we aim on providing the best possible pest service in Queensland.

Professionalism  –  We aim on providing the most proficient and professional service in South East Queensland.  Because of this we stay on top of industry changes to provide you a better service that delivers high quality results.

Environmental – We only use formulations that are safe for both you and the environment.  I personally cannot violate my own personal morals, and because of this I will not use any product that is not environmentally safe.  Its not the 70’s any longer, both yours and my grandchildren deserve to inherit a cleaner environment.

Pest Management Brisbane GoldCoast